This Antioxidant Cooking Flour is Made from Green Coffee Beans

 - Jan 7, 2016
References: & eater
Hailing from Boston's Brandeis University is Professor Daniel Perlman that has created a caffeinated cooking flour made from green coffee beans. The cooking and baking product offers a natural way to provide energy in baked goods that is also a source of high antioxidants.

Caffeinated flour opens up the door for cooking with an energy enhancing food product that isn't liquid, for consumers looking to harness the benefits of the stimulant but don't necessarily enjoy the taste. The flour is made from green coffee beans that are cooked at low temperatures rendering them useless for drinking, but ideal as a milled grain for cooking. The substance is packed with natural health benefits and caffeine offering a cup of coffee-worth per each 4-grams used. The flour could be used in coffees, cakes or muffins among other desserts.