Pop Art Snacks' Gourmet Popcorn Range Includes Exotic Flavor Blends

 - Feb 8, 2016
References: popartsnacks
Borrowing from cultural cuisine, Pop Art Snacks offers a gourmet popcorn range that consists of six exotic flavors. Standouts include Rosemary Truffle, Tandoori Yogurt and Nori Sesame -- all inspired by popular dishes from around the world. While popcorn is often associated with Western culture, it's a snack that is constantly evolving, with fans all across the globe.

Pop Art Snacks' name is inspired by the popular art movement and aims to present foodies with unexpected flavor blends. "Pop Art's ability to transform the common and everyday object into a work of art" is the inspiration behind this gourmet popcorn range and its focus on exotic ingredients.

Whether a fan of Indian, Asian or Italian cuisine, foodies can indulge in a convenient snack that features culturally-themed ingredients.