Aldi Uses Gourmet Dinner Images to Promote Lavish Potato Chip Flavors

Sun Branding Solutions designed packaging for Aldi's chip snack, which uses gourmet dinner images to promote classy flavors. The unique images display real food sitting atop illustrated plates and tableware.

The line includes three different flavors such as beef and red wine, aged cheddar and real ale and sour cream and sweet chili. The dinner images present a quirky display of elegant steaks and high-end cheese placed on a hand-drawn plate. The packaging presents a connection between the high-end flavor and the common snack. While the chip might taste like a real steak, it's still a chip. This idea is mimicked in the images that suggest the same idea, while the steak looks like a gourmet item, the falsified plate allows the consumer to realize they are still eating an ordinary snack.

The images are all placed on black chip bags that allow each flavorful image to stand out and present consumers with a different styled package.