This Pick Pocket Dips Product Tastes Like a Chocolate Brownie

 - Feb 6, 2016
References: pickpocketdips & packagingdigest
While it's not uncommon to find brownies made with a base of beans, this unconventional hummus dip uses garbanzo beans to turn the tables on this dessert pairing. This unique hummus from Pick Pocket Dips takes after the taste of a chocolate brownie. The boxes contain four single-serving snack cups, which are designed for easy snacking on the go. The shelf-stable dips require no refrigeration, which makes them extremely appealing to airlines. Virgin Airlines, United and Jet Blue are some of the first airlines that stepped up to feature Pick Pocket Dips' unconventional hummus on flights.

Hummus is typically associated with savory flavors, but this unusual dip completely reimagines what the Mediterranean dip could be paired with.

In addition to its chocolate-inspired Brownie flavor, other novelty varieties from the brand include Sriracha and BBQ.