DudeFoods' Coated Caramel Apple Uses Oreo's Caramel Apple Cookies

 - Sep 23, 2014
References: dudefoods
There are tons of toppings that you can put on a coated caramel apple, but when Oreo introduced its Caramel Apple cookies this year, it didn't take long before someone decided to create a caramel apple coated with caramel apple-flavored cookies.

Instead of nuts or candy pieces, the 'Caramel Apple Oreo Coated Caramel Apple' recipe from DudeFoods makes use of crushed up cookie bits to coat the outside of the gooey caramel apple. The creation is so covered up, there's not a trace of the actual fruit to be seen, and you can bet that this would be one messy snack to eat. With double the caramel and apple flavors than usual candy apple recipe, this is one sweet treat.