These Tasty Toasted Coconut Chips are a Healthy Vegan Snack Option

Hong Kong-based brand 'Jax Coco' recently unveiled a flavorful addition to its line of coconut water with new and flavorful toasted coconut chips. The newest addition to Jax Coco's collection comes in two unique flavors of wassabi and sea salt.

The sweet treats are the perfect go-to snack for vegans and healthy eaters alike. They make a great substitution for traditional carb-loaded chips and bring a bold flavor that is sure to satisfy cravings. These delightful snacks are hand-cut from coconuts, which are then slow-roasted -- not fried -- and dressed with natural zesty seasonings. Additionally, there's no trans-fat, cholesterol, preservatives or artificial coloring in the snack.

The toasted coconut chips are also the ideal addition to a variety of dishes including salad, ice cream and yogurt.