Alcohol-Free PureBlue 'Unwine' is Made From a Blend of Grape and Berry Juice

 - Dec 8, 2015
References: trueblueberry
While it's vital for pregnant women, designated drivers and those with allergies to alcohol to abstain from alcohol, products like Unwine make it possible for these people to indulge in familiar flavors, without dangerous repercussions.

PureBlue Unwine is a 100% juice blend that's made entirely from wild blueberries, black currents and a range of grapes that are commonly used in the fermentation process for making wine. One of the most interesting things about Unwine is produced alongside a range of other TrueBlack and TrueBlue juices, which look like typical family-friendly beverages that one might pick off of a shelf at the supermarket.

Across the world, the consumption of alcohol is falling, while the sales of non-alcoholic beverages are rising. This pattern is being driven further forward as consumers are now embracing concepts like alcohol-free bars and alternatives to alcoholic beverages.