This Online Reservation Tool Allows You to Book Limited Hotel Stays

 - Jul 22, 2015
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'StayUncle' is a new online booking platform dedicated to limited hotel stays. The site is designed to allow travelers to book a hotel for just 12 hours at a time, instead of a full day.

The site operates the same way as a traditional hotel booking platform. However, StayUncle allows guests to limit their stay to just 12 hours. These 12 hours can be during the day or at night, giving guests the freedom to book a hotel based on their exact needs. StayUncle also ensures that you only need to pay for the time that you will be using the hotel room. The idea behind the new service is to give travelers cheap and flexible accommodations for short-term lodging.

Whether you need a place to stop for the night or you're a business traveler on the go, StayUncle is ideal for booking limited hotel stays.