Travel+Leisure Magazine is Selling 20 Pre-Set Vacation Packages

When planning a trip, today's generation seeks to create highly personalized vacations. In the age of budget-booking and short work breaks, visiting a city on a pre-planned tour guide is not as attractive as it used to be. In recognizing this, British magazine Travel+Leisure has teamed up with UK tour operator Black Tomato to serve up highly curated vacations designed by the magazine's editors.

Although the trips are pre-set and can be bought as is, there is plenty of room to make it as personalized as possible. The entire booking process is extremely consultative and interactive. Out of the 20 trips, travelers will discuss the trip they want and can further modify its activities to further personalize the vacation. Each of the trip's prices and lengths vary, but themes of local interaction, experiencing local cuisine and off-the-beaten path adventures will be the focus.