1Above's Drinks Supply Inflight Hydration to Avoid Jet Lag

 - Aug 13, 2015
References: fly1above & designersjournal.net
Since travel fatigue is linked to dehydration, 1Above creates drinks that will help people avoid jet lag. The brand's products are available in refillable bottles and concentrates, which help to feed the body with six electrolytes and six essential vitamins to help the body naturally release energy. As a result, 1Above's formula is said to be able to reduce the severity of jet lag by up to 53 percent.

Since traveling with liquids can be a concern, 1Above also sells tablets that serve the same purpose.

Just like powders or tablets that are meant to be consumed prior to a night of drinking in order to deter a hangover the next day, 1Above's drink is another product that uses preparedness and prevention to combat ailments.