This Map Divides the United States by Waffles or Pancakes

 - Aug 25, 2015
References: washingtonpost
In honor of National Waffle Day, this informative map divides the States by their preference for either waffles or pancakes.

Using crowd-sourced GPS data, a Washington Post blogger mapped out the concentration of IHOP and Waffle House restaurants across all 50 states. He marked each state with clusters of hexagons to signify restaurant locations. Dark orange hexagons are high concentrations of Waffle Houses, navy hexagons are IHOP-heavy, and everything in between represents some combination of the two.

Southern states seem to heavily favor Waffle House, especially around Atlanta, while IHOPs abound in the West. Just in case any hardcore foodie travelers plan their vacations based on waffles or pancakes, there's a map to help them out now. And no matter whether you're a waffles or pancakes person, enjoy the syrupy goodness of National Waffle Day.