This Museum Opening Celebrates the Dutch Roots of Van Gogh and Heineken

Vincent Van Gogh and Heineken beer share a common national past in the Netherlands, and now the Van Gogh museum and the internationally loved beer brand are celebrating their shared history with a newly formed sponsorship.

Amsterdam was once home to both the master painter Van Gogh and Heineken, the internationally renowned beer. In the present day, Heineken is renewing its commitment to its city of origin and to its love and support of Dutch culture by becoming the official sponsor of the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam.

With Heineken's support, the museum is completing a new accessible entrance hall. To celebrate its opening, the square outside the museum will be taken over by a giant sunflower labyrinth, containing 125,000 beautiful blooms. The tribute to Van Gogh's iconic sunflower painting will be a dazzling spectacle and a fun, interactive event for visitors to the museum. Heineken's sponsorship will also allow the museum to expand its program of events and international engagement.

Van Gogh and Heineken are two examples of Dutch culture spreading all over the globe to become internationally admired. Heineken sponsorship of art and cultural events continues to enhance international knowledge of the city of Amsterdam and of Dutch culture.