This Video Provides a Snapshot of Different Culture-Oriented Sandwiches

 - Aug 5, 2015
References: eater
This creative global sandwich guide presents 13 mouthwatering dishes that are culturally relevant to different countries and regions. The sandwich guide is presented in the form of a video that not only labels the sandwiches, but it also prepares them for the audience.

Each sandwich is made and labeled to provide viewers with the right ingredients and style of preparation to achieve the same results. Some of the creative and tasty-looking dishes include a Polish-style zapiekanka, a classic American peanut butter and jelly and an Australian chicken and avocado aioli. Each meal uses specific bread, meat, veggies and condiments in order to create true and culturally authentic dishes.

This video is somewhat like a how-to or DIY video tutorial that shows proper meal preparation and exquisite end results.