This Aircraft Innovation Flies from London to New York in One Hour

 - Aug 6, 2015
References: luxuo
The future of air travel may never be the same with an aircraft innovation from French aircraft maker Airbus. Airbus has patented and developed a hypersonic jet that can fly over four times faster than the speed of sound. With this jet, the time it takes to fly from London to New York are slashed down to an hour, three times faster than Airbus' retired jet, Concord.

To travel at such speeds, Airbus predicts the jet will need various forms of hydrogen to be stored on the aircraft. Three engines will also be needed to reach speeds upwards of 3,000 mph.

Airbus conceives the use of turbojets at takeoff, aided by rocket engines. A rocket motor will help take the jet to an altitude of 30,500 meters, before the motor is retracted, making room for ramjets to propel the jet to its top speed.

It is not likely that the jet will follow through in production, but the aircraft innovation and technology used to conceive the idea may later applied in Airbus's future products.