Milk Stork Addresses Breastfeeding and Travel for New Moms

 - Aug 20, 2015
References: milkstork & prnewswire
Milk Stork was recently launched as a new service for mothers of infants who are involved with breastfeeding and travel as well as other child care duties.

The service helps working, traveling mothers by making overnight deliveries of refrigerated breast milk to a child at home. Mothers can simply log onto the mobile-friendly Milk Stork website and even make arrangements months in advance once a destination and travel dates are known. When a woman arrives at her hotel, breast milk storage bags inside pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping coolers are available for use.

This means that pumping breast milk doesn't have to be interrupted by business travel, breast milk doesn't have to be wasted and babies at home don't have to be fed formula as a supplement for fresh milk until a mother's return.