The MBand and MClip Offer a Magnetic Fix to Keeping Cords Untangled

 - Jul 15, 2016
References: gzbreath & yankodesign
Tangled headphone cords are a nuissance to unravel, making the MClip and Mband earbud organizer system an ideal solution that relies on magnetics to keep cables untwisted. The MClip is a metallic clasp that hooks onto the cable while the Mband is a magnetic buckle that clips to the buds so that they can be wound together and held in place.

The two-step organizing design of the MClip and Mband makes it incredibly simple for consumers to keep their cables neatly twisted so that their audio devices are always ready to use. The clip secures onto the cord while the accompanying ear bud magnets provide an natural attraction that keeps the two securely in place upon contact.

The set can be customize to suit the wearer's style with either geeky, hip or classic emoticon prints.