The Puma X-CAT DISC Was Inspired by the Design of the BMW GINA

The 'Puma X-CAT DISC' was designed by Designworks of the BMW Group. The futuristic running shoes are inspired by the 2008 'BMW GINA Light Visionary Model' car from the company -- implementing the same speed, accuracy and sleek appearance all into the medium of a sneaker.

This is done by doing away with shoe laces and replacing them with a rotating device that works to bring wires within the sneakers closer together in order to tighten the shoes to the wearer's feet. The shoes are lacerated with fine laser cuts that offer better ventilation, leading to better breathabilty. The silver sneakers feature few seams as well, encouraging a better fit and more natural movement.

With the Puma X-CAT DISC, Designworks succeeds in creating a model that promotes stability, speed, comfort and convenience all into one.