This Small Vacuum Cleans Keyboards Better Than Wipes

 - Jul 5, 2016
References: yankodesign
With the amount of time people spend at their computers these days, it is inevitable that they would accumulate dirt and this keyboard-cleaning vacuum helps to alleviate this issue.

Most people have faced the issue of trying to clean a keyboard that is covered in dirt, dust and food crumbs. While shaking the keyboard upside down and wiping it off can get rid of some of these problems, smaller particles often remain and can effect the keyboard's ability to work efficiently. As a result, the 'Philips Inhaler' keyboard-cleaning vacuum was designed by Jeong ChanYeop. The pen-sized vacuum has a thin tapered tip and two different pressures that ensure the nooks and crannies of the user's keyboard are cleaned.

This small device could be a necessity in the general upkeep and maintenance of the technological devices that are now part of our daily lives.