This Software Uses Nvidia Tech to Keep Cats Off Lawns

 - Jul 11, 2016
References: blogs.nvidia & gizmag
Part of the appeal of cats is that they answer to no call, follow no master and march to the beat of their own drum -- but that free-spirited behavior is wont to make cat repellent software a necessity. Robert Bond, an engineer who worked on the deep learning Nvidia Jetson TX1 module created a system that turns his lawn sprinklers on whenever a cat attempts to do its business there.

What makes Bond's system so impressive and groundbreaking is that it is not merely a motion detector. Rather than drenching innocent birds, squirrels, or children, his sprinklers will only activate if a cat is up to no good on the lawn.

Though the cat repellent software seems dangerously close to some sort of dystopian, Skynet-esque future, Bond claims that the system "wasn't actually that much work," taking him about 15 hours to create.