- Jul 1, 2016
These June 2016 robots range autonomous robot vacuums to single-rotor drones that feature a simple and comprehensive design. In addition to a handful of intelligent drone inventions -- from drone parachute systems to organ delivery drones that ensure a faster response time during emergencies -- other notables include household gadgets with an intuitive design concept.

Favorites include smart vacuums that blend interactivity with aesthetics and pool cleaners that make outdoor home maintenance tasks more efficient and hassle-free. When examining these June 2016 robots, other innovations center around the realm of defense.

While examples like bomb-diffusing drones are helping to save lives in war-torn regions across the globe, humanized war robots are being developed in an effort to also reduce the devastation of human casualties.

From Wearable Droid Suits to Autonomous Robot Vacuums: