The Kiyouki Amano 'Arm Skirt' Offers Wearers a Helping Set of Hands

 - May 8, 2016
References: kayac & damngeeky
There have been many strides made when it comes to robot arms as a means of helping the differently abled, and the Kiyouki Amano 'Arm Skirt' is the latest coming to light. Developed in collaboration between Amano and Amauchi Industries and BloommakeLab, the Kiyouki Amano 'Arm Skirt' is worn on the body like a piece of clothing, hence the name.

The Kiyouki Amano 'Arm Skirt' was developed in Japan and serves the purpose of adding an additional set of hands into the mix to provide a powerful new set of accoutrements. Although not available for consumer purchase just yet, the Kiyouki Amano 'Arm Skirt' robot arms are capable of holding a wearers' smartphone or bottle of water and are remotely controlled.