The 'Jackrabbot' Robot Project is Designed to Navigate Through Crowds

 - Jun 3, 2016
References: cvpr2016.thecvf & gizmag
There's a lot of work being done with drone technology when it comes to delivery and movement of goods, but the 'Jackrabbot' robot project looks to keep things on the ground.

Designed by a team of researchers at the Stanford School of Engineering, the 'Jackrabbot' is intended to be capable of navigating the city streets and through crowds with ease.

The 'Jackrabbot' robot project is named after the jackrabbits that are always hopping around the college campus, which the robot has been doing as well. The robot is designed to navigate pedestrian traffic and make it through crowds without bumping into anyone. This could prove valuable for anyone that requires assistance when it comes to mobility or even for local ground deliveries.