The Insect-Like JumpRoACH Robotic Bug Can Jump Up 5 Feet in the Air

 - May 31, 2016
References: & digitaltrends
This robotic bug is capable of jumping 5 feet high. The JumpRoACH is a spring-loaded roach-inspired robot that can leap to great heights thanks to a DC motor, knee-mimicking mechanism and 8 latex bands. Developed by researchers at Seoul National University, the JumpRoACH was created with Dash Robotics.

While others have created their own robotic bug variations, the JumpRoACH is unlike the rest due to its spring mechanics. Instead of releasing all its energy in one bound, it is able to manage its energy and recharge to leap a second time. This results in a robot that is able to jump at different heights and move like insects would in nature. This example of biomimicry, when scaled, could also be applied to other robots.