'Ivan the Terminator' is a Powerful Military Android from Russia

 - May 31, 2016
References: damngeeky
Although the 'Ivan the Terminator' military robot looks like a regular soldier at first glance, the unit is indeed all-robot from the exterior, to the interior components.

Designed to be a replacement for human soldiers, 'Ivan the Terminator' is powered by artificial intelligence technology and could identify what's to come in the field of robotics.

'Ivan the Terminator' is capable of driving vehicles, firing weapons and going into locations that would otherwise be too dangerous for human soldiers to venture. The military robot comes as the country's latest innovation in the worldwide race to develop robots that are suitable for warfare.

'Ivan the Terminator' is still undergoing a series of tests to make sure it's ready for action, but it's certainly not far off from hitting the battlefield should the country call for it.