Researchers are Testing a Nervous System Stimulation for Robots to Feel Pain

 - May 30, 2016
References: & theverge
With robots evolving frequently and taking on more tasks, it seems the only thing that they're not capable of is feeling human pain -- a concept that researchers at the Leibniz University of Hannover are challenging by creating a nervous system stimulation that the machines can understand and react to.

While not being able to feel pain sounds incredibly desirable, the lack of an ability to understand when something is hurting you can lead to serious damages. In order to prevent robots doing this to themselves, the nervous system stimulation works to stop damage to its motors and other costly parts.

As IEEE Spectrum reports, the new technology will also aid in keeping people who work closely with machinery safe as the robots will know when to shut down when it senses damage to itself -- preventing serious issues that could potentially be caused if they keep running.