This Bee-Inspired Robot Can Be Used for Spying Purposes

 - May 23, 2016
References: gizmodo & mashable
Designed by Harvard researchers, this bee-inspired surveillance robot is barely larger than a quarter and can conserve energy for an extended lifespan.

After being inspired by various bugs' flying capabilities that involve resting in-between flights, Harvard researchers designed this tiny surveillance robot to be able to use static electricity to "land and stick to surfaces," resulting in a more functional robot with an extended lifespan. The tiny robot would not just function as useful for "spying" purposes but also to observe sites after natural disasters or detect chemicals in areas that might be unsafe for humans.

Essentially, this robot can have a multitude of uses in situations that are deemed too risky for humans. By giving advanced knowledge of what to expect in a given room, location or disaster -- people or forces will have an expanded capacity to plan and execute various operations.