The Sandoval Silver State Seeder Can Set Off Rain in Dry Climates

 - May 5, 2016
References: & theverge
Often times dry climate regions can go through drought spells for days if not weeks on end, causing devastation to agricultural industries. The Desert Research Institute has put together an innovative weather drone called the 'Sandoval Silver State Seeder' that is able to ignite rainfall by sending flares into the atmosphere. The flares are filled with silver iodide and able to provoke clouds to drop rain in dry regions such as Nevada.

The drone is engineered to fly up at great distances to provoke cloud-seeding and synthetically causing rainstorms to help lessen the impact of drought seasons.

While the 'Sandoval Silver State Seeder' is still in its conceptual and testing phase, once the drone is up and running it can potentially be used across the world to help dry climates gain more rain.