This Algorithm Works by Creating 3D Images of Celebrity Hairstyles

 - Jun 27, 2016
References: & fastcodesign
Menglei Chai is a PhD student who has been collaborating with researchers from Zhejiang University in order to create an algorithm that can recreate celebrity hairstyles with extreme accuracy.

The technique was created after considering how many people go to get a haircut with a picture in hand that features one of their favorite celebrity hairstyles. As a simple picture doesn't always show all the details, the algorithm would work by noting every textural layer from all the angles. By creating exact 3D replicas of celebrity hairstyles, the algorithm would essentially allow people to truly achieve the looks of the people they want to emulate.

The algorithm that's been deemed 'AutoHair' works by allowing users to input an image which is then transformed to a 360-degree model that captures nearly every hair and mirrors its natural flow.