'Shredo' Permanently Erases Sensitive Documents

 - Jul 18, 2016
References: mymixapps & producthunt
Sending a document to the trashcan and then clicking "Empty Trash" gives users the impression that their documents have been put through a virtual document shredder and deleted forever, but this is not the case. Though the average user wouldn't be able to find those documents, the data can still be retrieved if a cybersecurity expert has the will to find it. The Shredo app, though, is a virtual document shredder that gets the job done just like a paper shredder in real life, turning data into a slurry of nonsensical bits and bytes.

After installing Shredo, its drag-and-drop interface works just like the trash bin. However, Shredo offers three tiers of deletion that balance speed and security: one-pass, seven-pass and 35-pass. These tiers refer to the amount of "passes" that the erasure software makes over the documents in question, with each pass more thoroughly jumbling the data beyond repair.

With online security coming to the fore in many areas of the public domain, Shredo capitalizes on users' desire for digital privacy.