'Algorithmia' Uses Deep Learning to Colorize Black and White Photos

 - Jul 16, 2016
References: demos.algorithmia & arxiv.org
'Algorithmia' is the name of a new software that uses artificial intelligence to automatically colorize black and white photos.

What makes colorizing black and white photos such a challenge is that some items in the photo could be any color. The impressive deep learning tool was developed by Richard Zhang, a UC Berkeley computer vision PhD student, who says: "Our goal is not necessarily to recover the actual ground truth color, but rather to produce a plausible colorization that could potentially fool a human observer." What powers Algorithmia are advanced image-recognition programs known as Convolutional Neural Networks, or CNNs.

As of now, the Algorithmia program can be used online by pasting a URL for an image in order to see it colorized and the results can be downloaded.