Boltenstern and Cooksongold are Teaming Up for Direct Jewelry 3D Printing

 - Jul 16, 2016
References: boltenstern & cooksongold
One of the most notable innovations in jewelry 3D printing came with the Precious M 080 jewelry printer from Cooksongold and EOS. While most companies use 3D printing to create just the molds for a jewelry piece, this machine is capable of printing accessories without molds or casts.

Now, Austrian fine jeweler Boltenstern is teaming up with Cooksongold to use the Precious M 080 for the purpose of designing and printing customizable jewelry pieces. The luxury jewelry designs that can be created have the potential to be incredibly intricate, especially when the capabilities of the jewelry-printing machine are fully understood. Jewelry pieces from Boltenstern include designs that draw from the beauty of architecture and nature.