This 3D-Printed Phone Case Makes It Easier to Play Pokémon Go

 - Jul 25, 2016
References: gizmodo & thenextweb
The 3D-printed phone case helps players catch Pokemon with precision. The extreme popularity of Pokémon Go has led to many other accessories and platforms to be designed to aid players in their quest to catch all the Pokémon. The case serves as a guide for launching Pokéballs to capture the Pokémon. It keeps the player's fingers in a straight line to improve accuracy.

Jon Cleaver is the mastermind behind the 3D-printed phone case. The plans are available for free download on My Mini Factory if the player has access to a 3D printer to make the thin plastic phone case. The phone case plans are also only currently designed to fit an iPhone 6/6s.

The 3D-printed phone case is only one such phone accessory aimed to boost the amount of Pokémon players try to catch.