This New VR Headset Translates Your Facial Expressions

 - Jul 26, 2016
References: veeso & gizmag
The Veeso is a new VR headset that is claimed to be the very first in the world to be fully capable of detecting and capturing your facial expressions before translating and super-imposing them onto a virtual avatar in real time.

This particular headset makes use of a pair of infra-red cameras that are more than capable of studying the wearer's facial expressions before translating them. One of the cameras is situated between the wearer's eyes and captures different parameters relative to their eye expression and position, while the second camera studies the lower half of the face to put together a coherent and fully formed facial analysis.

Ultimately, this new VR headset could make it possible to create a whole new level of emotional connections in the world of app interfaces as well as online social gaming.