From VR Ballet Performances to Virtual Reality Girlfriends

 - Sep 20, 2016
As the technology continues to develop and improve, immersive VR experiences offer a dizzying array of benefits for both brands and consumers.

From the perspective of brands, immersive VR experiences make it easier to give a potential customer an idea of what a product or service offers without that person having to travel anywhere or commit to a purchase. For example, Husqvarna's chainsaw simulator lets users virtually try out an expensive piece of equipment that they might otherwise shy away from.

For consumers, VR experiences remove the risk of trying out products. Beyond that, though, these immersive programs are still novel and attractive to many people, raising consumers' interests in trying them. The technology behind the NBA's VR documentary for the 2016 Finals, for instance, might be enough to convince a non-basketball fan to give it a try, and that person could end up being a convert to the game.