The Lifestone is Able to Detect a Multitude of Health-Related Metrics

 - Oct 4, 2016
References: kickstarter
The 'Lifestone' is a health tracker in the form of a small pocket gadget that is able to help users track and improve various components of their health and lifestyles.

The gadget comes in the form of a small device in a rounded square shape that can be synced up to smartphones via apps for both iPhones and Androids. It is able to track various aspects of the human body including blood pressure, body temperature, blood oxygen level, heart rate, respiration, ECG, stress index and can even function as an electronic stethoscope. The Lifestone is able to fit multiple user profiles and has an option "master account" that is able to oversee the other accounts on the device.

The comprehensive and multi-user aspects of the Lifestone make it perfect for families.