This Backup Battery Doesn't Require You to Carry Charging Cables

 - Aug 25, 2016
References: iwalkusa & thegadgetflow
The iWALK Scorpion 8000 is an innovative new backup battery that comes equipped with three built-in cables so you're always covered.

The fact of the matter is that while backup batteries have made it possible for people to charge their devices on the go, it's still fairly common for people to whip out their backup battery only to realize that they've forgotten their actual charging cable. This is where the iWALK Scorpion 8000 power bank comes in. This particular gadget comes with its own integrated cables, so you can charge most devices without having to carry separate cables.

The compact shape and form factor of the iWALK Scorpion 8000 power bank, allied with its cable functionality, makes it an excellent choice for people who never want to find themselves out and about with a phone that's run out of juice.