This Wearable Keyboard Converts Finger Movements into Key Presses

 - May 14, 2016
References: digitaltrends & theverge
The Tap Strap is a wearable keyboard that allows you to type on any surface.

The keyboard is made out of a flexible smart textile which is what recognizes the finger movements of the user. By tapping fingers on a surface, the wearable keyboard sends the chosen letters and symbols to your device over Bluetooth. What is the most interesting part about this device is the fact that the user must learn the actual codes that will translate on their devices as letters and symbols. Because this is not the standard 'qwerty' keyboard, the user must learn from the training app the codes assigned to movements and fingers. For example, each finger is a vowel and different combinations of fingers make up other letters.

For those who don't mind or would enjoy learning a new input language, this may be an exciting new innovation.