From Water-Resistant Apparel to Revitalized Vintage

 - Sep 3, 2016
This grouping of September 2016 performance fashion ideas highlights the work of brands from all over the industry -- including those that specialize in crafting versatile and modular pieces and others that are attempting to implement it into unique cuts so that it's more wearable in different settings.

While New Balance has worked to infuse its casual clothing lines with a water-resistant material, the 'Morph' t-shirts were made to ensure that the perfect fit in guaranteed even if its wearer fluctuates in size. In addition to this, the Rio games saw more inclusive uniforms for some of its female volleyball players -- with the Egyptian team donning a body-covering alternative which they chose to wear with hijabs.

In each of these September 2016 performance fashion ideas, companies and more are generating new ways to ensure that optimum comfort and efficiency is achieved.