Jonathan Wolpert Captures His Muse in Unique and Expressive Lights

Jonathan Wolpert, a photographer from Brazil, recently joined 'F*ucking Young! Online' for a series that showcases 'Amazing Model' Jose Vedovato covered in soap suds.

Throughout the images, pieces from designer Cris Moura's Spring/Summer 2017 collection are worn -- with a light wash denim jacket that has raw edges standing out in a selection. While Jonathan Wolpert uses more traditional natural lighting in a few of the images, the majority are marked with moody red lights or grayscale filters.

This aids tremendously in making the series incredibly unique, especially in some of the portrait shots where Jose Vedovato's face is buried in soap suds. In doing this, the photographer makes him look like a Greek sculpture in the black and white images, while the red ones take on a darker tone.