JULIUS' Spring/Summer Series Draws on a Record Label's Projects

Japanese fashion label JULIUS added to its collection of luxurious and experimental menswear with its Spring/Summer 2017 series -- which takes ques from looks prominent in the 90s techno scene.

In order to do this, the brand's founder, Tatsuro Horikawa, considered the legacy of a producer from Birmingham known as Regis. Taking inspiration from the 90s techno he produced, as well as the branding efforts that his label Downwards Records left behind, Tatsuro Horikawa worked to revitalize the underground and youthful vibe that went along with.

Examples where this is especially clear are apparel pieces that come outfitted with slogans that read "British Murder Boys" and "I enjoy luxury." Both are taken from the records label's history -- with the former referring to a slogan that was part of an old project from Regis and the latter being a line from the song 'Her Needs.'