Colorbar's 'Color-Matic Eyeshadow Pen' Comes with a Sponge Applicator

 - Oct 27, 2016
References: colorbarcosmetics
Most women are familiar with eyeshadow being produced in powder, cream and liquid formats, but India's leading cosmetics brand Colorbar is now offering a new way to apply the cosmetic product with its 'Color-Matic Eyeshadow Pen.'

Rather than taking the form of a crayon, as many makeup products for the eye area do, this eyeshadow pen boasts a built-in sponge tip. The lid itself actually contains the cream eyeshadow, which means that the cap only needs to be closed in order to apply more product to the sponge.

In the beauty world, many brands are adopting pen-inspired packaging formats that allow consumers to easily apply everything from roll-on sun protection to nail polish quickly while on the go.