This Glass Tea Pot Blends Looks of Minimalism and the Laboratory

 - Feb 26, 2015
References: paulloebach & leibal
The minimalist will absolutely love the look of this glass tea pot, which casts aside ornamentation and the usual voluptuous form. Instead of assuming these common physical features, the hot beverage brewer has been blown to the shape of a purist cylinder in completely transparent material.

Despite the simplicity of this description, there is detail and intrigue to the design of the Ora Teapot. Paul Loebach created the discernible effect of double-walled glass, creating a generous air chamber between the interior and exterior surfaces. A tiny pipe-like spout escapes from the top of this glass tea pot, serving to stimulate mindful pouring. To top it off, this crisp design is capped with a cork plug, bringing even more warmth to complement the color of the tinted water within.