The ‘Teforia’ Uses an App to Brew a Variety of Specialty Teas

 - Oct 31, 2015
References: fastcodesign
Teforia is a unique app-connected tea brewer that is able to create countless specialty teas to suit each user’s desire. The sleek product is simple yet elegant and brews high-quality tea in a quick and efficient manner.

The brewer is made up of three main components. The first is the infuser, then the app and finally the single origin tea pods. The infuser extracts each tea pod's specific flavors by controlling the water temperature, volume and perfectly timed infusion.

The tea infuser allows Teforia to prepare any tea from any brand, however there are specific tea pods from the brewer's brand that can be purchased as well. The app will allow consumers to dial in their tea preferences and educate themselves on tea profiles. This handy device also ensures that the tea is correctly brewed to lock in and enhance the flavors that were crafted by the tea masters.