These Aromatic Herbal Brews Contain Blue Flowers that Dye the Drink

 - Oct 6, 2015
References: mariagefreres & sheknows
Blue tea might be a visually unconventional herbal brew for many garnering its unconventional cobalt tint from the addition of blue flowers into the dried leaves. The Mariage Freres' French Tea features a blend of oolong tea topped with petals that transform the conventional orange hot drink into a sea green blue.

The French Tea by Mariage Freres is able to give off a light blue hue thanks to additions of dried blue butterfly pea flower petals into the blend of oolong herbs. The flower's blue color releases when in contact with hot water giving the drink an untraditional and natural cobalt hue that is fragrant, floral and aromatic. The unusual look of this tea makes it ideal to serve to guests or at a tea party as a conversational food item.