These Aromatic Teas are Characterized by Warm and Rich Flavors

 - Oct 23, 2015
References: kiwanatea & clapway
'Kiwana Tea' is now selling two aromatic teas that offer a perfect alternative to coffee. As autumn sets in, coffee drinks are largely draw to warm and rich flavors such as cinnamon and pumpkin spice. For tea drinkers, saffron can provide an equally luxurious flavor.

The new blends from Kiwana Tea include the 'Original Spice' and the 'Cinnamon Delight.' The two teas are made from saffron, which is a spice commonly found in Mediterranean and Central European dishes. Saffron has an exotic flavor profile that is rich and warm without being overbearing. In addition to its luxurious flavor, the spice also gives the tea a rich color and an intoxicating aroma.

While saffron is expensive, the spice provides an exotic flavor that is not found in many other teas. The aromatic teas are ideal for those who value a saffron's rich and unique qualities.