These Bodacious Tea Packages Feature Oversized and Vibrant Flowers

 - Aug 29, 2015
References: cervezayubarta & thedieline
Design agency Domingo Reyes created the vibrantly floral tea canisters for La Paz Pharma's products. Each of the three varieties of teas features an explosive image of a flower that is meant to represent the flavor of tea.

The floral tea labels are wrapped around aluminum cans that contain bags of tea. The labels are pure white and wrap around the entire can. Each can is then illustrated with a bright flower that looks as if it has reached its prime blooming peek. Each image also has a layered effect that stacks leaves, petals and other flowers on top of each other.

These teas are perfectly represented with floral designs due to the sweet aromas and powerful flavor explosions. The cans also feature the brand's name as well as the flavor of tea, which is written on a vertical line going up the side of the canister.