Mount Zen Makes Tea from Tartary Buckwheat

 - Jul 15, 2015
References: mount-zen
Buckwheat is often heaped onto dinner plates as a popular grain substitute, but it can also be consumed in the form of a buckwheat tea.

Mount Zen is one brand that prepares a Tartary Buckwheat Tea that's naturally caffeine-free, gluten-free and organic. As far as why you might indulge in a heart-healthy cup of buckwheat tea, this hot drink is known to contain 100 times the amount of rutin as common buckwheat. This means that the drink is able to clear blood vessels, strengthen the capillaries and improve blood circulation, as well as lower cholesterol levels, manage diabetes and detoxification. Mount Zen's buckwheat tea is also rich in A, B and C vitamins.

In terms of look and taste, the tea is yellow in color and has a flavor that's best described as dry, nutty and toasty.