These Unexpected Gifts Put a Seasonal Spin on Unconventional Items

 - Dec 3, 2015
From fortune cookie advent calendars to personalized condiment jars that declare people as either naughty or nice, many brands are stepping up this season with unexpected gift ideas for the holidays. This includes brands that are not specifically associated with the holidays, like Pringles, which reports a spike in sales during Christmas time. In celebration of this, the potato chip company teased three food-themed candles that are branded with a "Merry Pringles" message.

While there are plenty of advent calendars that appeal to adults with a variety of alcoholic beverages, there are also a number that deviate from the typical chocolate surprises by containing stationery, false eyelash sets and pastries.

Now that ugly Christmas sweaters have become both cool and desirable to wear, creators begun to incorporate pop culture references alongside seasonal motifs. Companies like Aero Tech Designs are also making the classic Christmas sweater practical for fitness activities, as seen in its Ugly Christmas Sweater Cycling Jersey.

Consumers appreciate being able to rely on their favorite brands for inspiration year-round, especially when it comes to unexpected gift ideas.