This Christmas Pillow from John Lewis Doubles as an Advent Calendar

Around Christmastime, many households are adorned with advent calendars and holiday decor, but this Christmas pillow from John Lewis combines both types of holiday items into one design.

The John Lewis Advent Pockets Cushion features 25 embroidered squares that can be filled with an assortment of small holiday treats to count the days until the arrival of Christmas. One of the best things about this advent calendar is that it's reusable and it leaves the surprises inside completely up to consumers.

For many years, it's been conventional for individual chocolates to be packed into rectangular advent calendars, but they are now taking many unconventional shapes and sizes, from banners to books, wine bottles and hanging home displays. As well as there bring creativity to the outside of these boxes, there is also a huge amount of variety in the surprises presented by these festive countdowns.