This Interactive Tea Set and Art Piece Reflects Biometric Information

 - Apr 1, 2015
References: alexrothera & fastcodesign
This interactive tea set demonstrates different uses for the sort of biometric data that smart technology like Apple Watch, Jawbone Up or Nike FuelBand collects. Instead of using wearable technology solely for fitness purposes, this art exhibition piece imagines new applications.

The Playful Self project for the Dublin Science Gallery was designed by Alex Rothera and James Krahe with help from Yoshio Ishiguro, Pascal Hien and Mathieu Le Goc. Exhibition visitors can engage with the objects, which instantly record biometric body data when touched and reflect it instantly. The interactive tea set includes sugar that pulses in time with your breath and a record player that plays according to your sweat. Heart rate is reflected in a bobbing tea bag and a whistling kettle.